Example of Cost Saving ($/hr) for Accounting Services
Professional Jobs Outsourcing
Contact us: Helping you grow and lower payroll cost
  • Lower your Payroll Costs by 65% without sacrificing quality. 
  • Highly skilled  Accountants, Engineers, Customer Representatives, Project Managers, Web Designers, and other professionals are available to help you run your business. 
  •  All of our associates are experienced and have 4 year college degrees.
    Deliverable Performance 
    Our associates use live web base day planners, word processor, spreadsheets, and presentations to collaborate within multiple functional groups. All documents are always live and updated. You will be able to see and collaborate with our associates at all times. These web base applications can be uploaded and downloaded as Microsoft, Adobe, Open Documents files, and other various formats. There is no software to buy or upgrade. Collaboration accounts can be easily setup by your assigned associate. All deliverable documents and projects are reviewed by senior management.

    Other Advantages:
    • No more paying employee health benefits.

    • Decrease your companies liability.

      • No more sexual, age, and harassment suites.

      • No more worrisome severance packages.

      • No more worries on increasing Medical Insurance Costs.

      • No more FICA employer contributions.

      • No more vacations or leave of absence to slow your company's progress.

    • Using the latest technology, our staff can collaborate, gather data, hold meetings, manage projects, and communicate as though they are working at your facility.

    • Even your clients will not know your employees are outsourced.

    • Contact us to see how we can customize a solution to increase your productivity.